The Story of Suntava Purple Corn™

It took years of dedication, patience, and old-fashioned farming to make Suntava Purple Corn this “Amaizingly” good for you.®


Cultivated from Ancient Andean Maize

We took our knowledge of ancient maize strains and traditional sustainable farming methods to carefully develop new non-GMO and organic varieties, with more disease resistance and value-added nutritional benefits. This meant pollinating each ear by hand, row by row, year after year, to develop our “Amaizingly” good for you® Suntava Purple Corn.

The rich color of our exclusive corn comes from the high level of anthocyanins contained in the entire plant, from the stalk to the husk, and down to the kernels. Suntava Purple Corn is an excellent natural ingredient that enables manufacturers and marketers to create more healthful foods, snacks, beverages, and more.

Suntava Purple Corn Is Nature’s Healthiest, Highest Antioxidant Corn

As part of the Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) family, we continue to build on the strengths of this ingredient – and on our process, delivery, and development. The HFI dedication to Assurance, Food Safety, Stability, and Innovation is second to none. Our coordinated team of ingredient experts is constantly exploring new strains and applications, fueled by our shared passion for nature, science, insight, and discovery. We’re all inspired to continue contributing to a more healthful way of living.

We Make It Easy to Partner on Multiple Ingredients

Since our HFI family of brands includes SK Food International, Hesco/Dakota Organic Products and Heartland Flax, we’re connected to an array of best-quality ingredients and ingredient expertise. In addition to Suntava Purple Corn, we’re pleased to also offer grains, seeds, pulses, soybeans, and expeller oils, all processed to meet your unique application needs.