The Story of Suntava Purple Corn™

It took years of dedication, patience, and old-fashioned farming to make Suntava Purple Corn this “Amaizingly” good for you.®


Cultivated from Ancient Andean Maize

We began with excellence, working from a special strain of Andean purple maize. Then we kept improving that strain, meticulously cultivating by hand, year after year. The result? A purple corn that’s unsurpassed in nutritional value.

The rich color of our exclusive corn comes from the high level of anthocyanins contained in the entire plant, from the stalk to the husk, and down to the kernels. Suntava Purple Corn is an excellent natural ingredient that enables manufacturers and marketers to create more healthful foods, snacks, beverages, and more.

Superior, scalable supply chain management

Corn is one of the most widely understood and harvested crops worldwide. That ensures an abundant and sustainable supply from our dedicated grower network. Our corn is readily and economically stored in local, U.S.-based facilities.

Expert service

We manage the entire process, from seed to customer, ensuring consistency, quality and security from GFSI facilities.