It took years of patience and expert cross breeding across two hemispheres, to make Suntava® Purple Corn this "Amaizingly good for you®

We took our knowledge of ancient maize strains and traditional farming methods to carefully develop new, natural (Non-GMO) lines, with more disease resistance. This meant pollinating each ear by hand, row by row, year after year, to develop our Amaizingly good for you® Suntava Purple Corn. the The rich color of our exclusive corn comes from the high level of anthocyanins contained in the entire plant, from the stalk to the husk, and down to the kernels. Suntava Purple Corn is an excellent natural ingredient that enables manufacturers and marketers to create more healthful foods, snacks, beverages, and more.
Suntava Purple Corn
The consistent quality of our exclusive Suntava Purple Corn is unmatched, which is why more people are becoming Suntava fans and supporters.

Suntava, LLC has a profound commitment to contributing to a more healthful way of living. We do so through our passion for science, nature, insight, and discovery.

This institution is an equal opportunity employer and supplier.
The Color Code Book Cover

"If I could only eat one color per day, it would be purple"

 ~ James Joseph, co-author of "The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health”
(Chicago Tribune, April 2009)

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